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 Ascent of the Light by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,  30x40
Ascent of the Light

In Ascent of Light, a white phoenix rises from a violet pond. The earth force awakens, turning toward the light in the celebratory movement of ascent. Like the phoenix and winged horse, we, too, can ascend through the powerful beauty of light.

Afternoon Light  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,
Afternoon Light


The deep afternoon light of summer speaks through clouds of blue, violet, yellow and pink. Beyond the clouds lingers a great light, it shapes the clouds. Alignment with the singular light --through moments of tranquility -- lends insight into the spectacular geometry of our “being”.

Angel of the Path  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen, 
Angel of the Path

The tendrils of the trees move tenderly toward a greater light that transcends the earthly path, blossoming into a flower of wisdom. Light coalesces in “Angel of Path”, as it gently leads the traveler toward illumination.

Angel of the Star by Cynthia Rose Young
Oil on Linen, 30x30
Angel of the Star

Angel of the Star is a symbolic representation of the Hermetic treatise: “as above, so below” through the imagery of the six pointed star. The upper portion of the star denotes the Creator, the as the One, and the lower portion symbolizes the presence of the “Infinite One”, flowing into ten thousand forms. As a messenger, the angel sends the divine statement forth to those who perceive it.

Blossoming Lotus

Oil on Linen,  30x30
Blossoming Lotus

The lotus is a symbol of the soul; it rises from the mud or the shadow part of our being. Cleansed and nourished by the purity of water or higher emotion, the emerging lotus blossoms. Light nurtures the pure beauty of the blossom as it opens to the world.

Celestial Sunrise  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,   20x20
Celestial Sunrise

The world awakens to the fiery pulse of the sun. Angels fan the flames, directing the sun’s passionate rays toward the earth. The sun shares its life force with all; it symbolizes the objective nature of Light.

Enlightened Rainbow  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,  46x46
Enlightened Rainbow

The rainbow is a symbolic representation of the seven rays of color that comprise the One Light. We are all part of the one Light, just as the seven colors of the rainbow are part of one light -- white light. When white light is refracted, we see the intense beauty of color. Behind the light, there is love.

Flight of Pegasus  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,  16x20
Flight of Pegasus

A Pegasus rises in a bubble of light from still waters. The mythical creature, representing the power of the horse, the power of heart, and the magical forces of the air, floats toward the light amidst a forest, blossoming trees and a gentle pond.

Flowering of Life  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,  16x24
Flowering of Life

As love and light – two powerful universal forces – merge, life is born. Elegantly and exquisitely, life forms from sacred geometry. The intrinsic patterns, colors and shapes form a flower, a simple and complex creation of life.

Full Lotus  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen, 30x24
Full Lotus

The lotus opens as a symbolic representation of the soul or one’s higher nature. As we open to the qualities of our soul, the Universe answers, with an outpouring of light as a response. This blossoming symbolizes the merging of individual consciousness with universal or God consciousness.

Inner Light by Cynthia Rose Young
Oil on linen, 28x40
Inner Light

Inner Light depicts the inner being or authentic self that is discovered on the journey of the Soul. Translucent pink light floods the painting as a representation of the flowing, outpouring love from the heart that occurs in the moment of union between soul and personality.

Levitation  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,  34x50

Having successfully traversed the zigzag path of life, a great light lifts the weary traveler – it lifts her from the tumultuous sea of emotion into an elated, elevated state of being. She raises her hands ecstatically, as part of the experience of “being light”.

Love, Power and Wisdom  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,  30x40
Love, Power and Wisdom

Love, Power and Wisdom is one of a series of paintings that symbolically represent the illumination of higher thought or wisdom, as pertaining to the secrets of the earth, through knowledge keepers shown as elders. Dark blue pigments represent harmony and justice. The central sun symbolizes the unity of the one force of divine knowing.

Open Heart  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen, 
Open Heart

Open Heart depicts the profound serenity that is experienced through opening the heart chakra. A white phoenix rises near a white heart – as symbols of purity and the peaceful, joyous sanctuary of the heart’s space.

Ship of Dreams  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen,   40x38
Ship of Dreams

Ship of Dreams symbolizes our voyage on the sea of life. Through pursuit of our spiritual ideals or dreams, we too may realize the great geometry of light, which underlies the guise of mundane life.

Shiva Dancing by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on linen, 32x40
Shiva Dancing

The Hindu god of destruction, Shiva, dances in a delicate garden. This painting is an expression of the beauty of the darkness or the night of the soul. The elements of the personality -- all discordant energies-- must be discarded on the journey of the soul. The garden represents the place of creation, of harmony with the One, which will be approached again after the garments of the Old Self have been surrendered.

Star of Dawn  by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen, 
Star of Dawn

The Star of Dawn shines through the darkness of night, welcoming us to the break of the morning, shining just before the sun rises. The light is always with us, present even in the darkest moment that falls before the dawn.

Wynn Lake by Cynthia Rose Young

Oil on Linen, 61.25 x48.25
Wynn Lake

Wynn Lake is a reflection of the flowing energies of nature, in a majestic, graceful expression of natural forces. The forces of nature speak to the heart and strengthen our bodies and souls through simple beauty, through the reflection of the sun on the water and the light as it sparkles through the trees. If we truly look, then we will be nourished.

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