Why Sacred Art?

Sacred art awakens the soul through color, geometry, symbolism and light. Philosophy, religion, and metaphysics cite light as the central source of creation, as a rapid rate of frequency or vibration that is expressed as color, sound and motion in physical matter. The language of art is an inter-dimensional doorway.

It is important to understand that each of the five senses takes in energy. The eye delights in light, form and color. It is of the utmost importance to view visual artworks that create doorways of consciousness into destinations for the highest good.

Sacred art naturally affects one’s consciousness. Through the use of numbers, colors, shapes and light, manifestations of divine will, emotion and form are expressed. Depending on the number of petals, the types of colors, shapes and forms, the different varieties of attunement and healing occur.

In all places, in all dimensions, with all beings, the depiction for consciousness is light. In visual art, divine consciousness in visual art is expressed as the center from which all else radiates, with the placement of the light in the middle. With a lighter color in the middle, representing divine consciousness, there is a centering and healing effect on all who see it. By understanding this most basic concept of the light of the center, the importance and use of mandalas in visual art is understood.

A mandala can range from subtle to graphic. In a landscape, the light in the center can be the subtle brightening of the sky, or it can actually be the Sun, or Moon, or a being of light. A circle can be subtly suggested by patterns in the clouds and placement of trees, or an actual circle drawn around the sun or geometric shapes on a colored background.

Mandalas are designs based on a circle, with the circle symbolizing creation. The form of the central light in a circular form has been used to represent divinity, bring healing and spiritual development in every culture from ages past. The light in the center of the circle calibrates and attunes the four brainwave levels through visual interaction along the optic nerve.

This is the art of stimulating the optic nerve of the eye, the only exposed nerve in the body, to stimulate the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus to evoke a state of higher consciousness through the release of neuro-peptides in the bloodstream, so that an observer can simply glance at a painting to receive the benefits of the energy.

A profound energy exchange occurs between the conscious viewer and the painting, spiraling out into the consciousness of the universe, thus bringing about a higher frequency or vibration. Our concept is to increase spiritual consciousness through the introduction of these sacred paintings and prints.

Our vision is that the expression of the cosmic concepts and energies in the paintings – including images of nature, sacred geometry and exquisite color formations – will be extended into the world through contemplation of these images for the greatest good of all.


"I am thrilled with my first purchase of sacred art, Angel of the Star of David. An ordained minister and Reiki Master, I wanted something special to enhance the energy of my healing room. For those who are still seeking their spiritual paths, these prints - at the very least - will add a whole new dimension of beauty to any surrounding. For those who have found their calling, the spiritual energy within Cynthia's paintings speaks volumes. As I stand before Angel of the Star, in the sacred space that it has helped me to create, the print's inherent, spiritual energy envelops me and begins a slow vibration at my throat chakra; it continues upward engaging my crown chakra, while simultaneously engaging my heart chakra. What an experience! I know it will enhance the spiritual, emotional, and physical healing of my clients. Thank you, Cynthia, for a treasure whose gifts I am still learning to understand."

--Christine Florky

“Cynthia's painting created beautiful, energetic space in my home. The patterns of light in the painting change hourly and are a source of inspiration and meditation. Many problems in my life have cleared spontaneously while meditating on these profound images. Since the painting came into my life, I have found that my energy level has increased, thus bringing about harmony in inter-personal relationships and interest in my career. If you are looking to walk on a path of spiritual enlightenment or growth, then you definitely need one of her art pieces in your life.”

--Porcha R. Frost


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